EGreen EGreen completely Greece SWH

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EGreen EGreen completely Greece SWH
Technical data
Application: Home
Capacity: 300 (L)
Product info.
Availability: In stock
Warranty: 10 Year
Origin: Greece
Product description / Other details:
Warranty: 10 years for collectors 5 years for tanks Solar Collectors - Absorber type: Harp-shaped bronze frame, aluminum selective coating on a panel (strip)- laser welding. - Absorber coating: aluminum selective. Solar Water heater Tank - Inner anti-corrosive protection: Liquid smalt -Magnesium anode - 2 kW Heater Mounting Structures: To hold Collectors and tanks, ground-mounted. Galvanized steel structure. Tilt Angle: 45 deg.
EGreen - Egyptian Renewable Energy Company
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