• Ashmand has succeeded to establish itself as a reliable business partner to international companies since its foundation in 1989. Combining the very latest in technological innovations and acting as an agent, business consultant and even marketing advisor of multinational companies supplying high quality products according to the international technical specifications. Ashmand is one of Egypt’s most reputable companies, working in three different sectors: 1-Telecommunication and Power solutions 2- Printing Solutions 3- Security Systems Ashmand provides photovoltaic technology, solar energy systems, batteries, obstruction lights, power supply systems and DC power supply systems. In the battery division Ashmand is the sole agent in Egypt of Exide Technologies. Exide are global leaders, manufacturers and distributors of batteries for a vast and ever increasing range of uses. It is the world's foremost supplier of lead-acid batteries for Network Power, Motive Power and Automotive applications with an increasing presence in emerging battery technology. In addition Ashmand uses Vertiv power solutions for their wide range of products and services in the areas of network power, process management, industrial automation, climate technologies, and tools and storage businesses. Vertiv serves a variety of industries including, Data Center. Networking, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecom, and Wireless Access. Vertiv network power solutions include DC Power, Embedded Computing, and Embedded Power

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