Hanergy Thin Film Power Group
Hanergy Thin Film Power Group

  • Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Limited is a high-tech energy enterprise. Its principal activities include (i) the development and design of turnkey production lines for thin film power generation and (ii) the development, operation and sales of downstream thin film power generation projects and application products. Since entering into the thin film power generation industry in 2009, the Group has been actively involved in the investment and research of the thin film solar energy technology, adopted as the Group’s core business. Through continual acquisition of overseas thin film technologies, including Solibro in Germany, MiaSolé in the U.S., Global Solar Energy in the U.S., and Alta Devices, also in the U.S., the Group has acquired Copper Indium Gallium Selenium (“CIGS”) and Gallium Arsenide (“GaAs”) technologies , and at the same time has mastered the manufacturing technology for globally advanced equipment production lines and their R&D capabilities. These technologies have become the main sources of competitive advantage for the Group. Meanwhile, the Group deploys teams of scientists at various locations around the globe, including China, the United States, Germany and Sweden, among others, for continuous improvement in the performance of thin film power generation technology, enabling the Group to provide customers with the most advanced, cost effective solutions in turnkey production lines. The Group's business includes the upstream manufacturing of thin-film equipment and downstream PV applications. The focus of the Group includes the manufacturing, distribution and sale of distributed PV power generation systems, including building integrated PV ("BIPV") and building attached PV ("BAPV"), residential rooftop PV power generation, commercial and industrial rooftop power generation, PV power generation for agricultural use, curtain walls with power generation functions and mobile power products. As a leading thin-film company, we will continue to position ourselves as one of the world’s specialize in thin-film power generation and high-tech energy companies and focus on the delivery of upstream "turnkey solutions" for high-end equipment and production lines. We will also provide "one-stop" downstream solutions for distributed energy and mobile energy based on our expertise. We deliver “turnkey solutions” for high-end equipment and production lines as one of the fronts, and provide distributed and mobile energy as well as one-stop solutions for commercial and personal solar applications as the other front. We're committed to becoming the world's finest provider of thin-film power equipment and PV applications solutions. In the field of clean energy, we aspire to change the world with thin-film solar.

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