Trina TSM-PE15H-340

رقم تعريف المنتج : 1272

Trina TSM-PE15H-340
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القدرة: 340 وات
# عدد الخلايا بكل لوح: 72
بيانات المنتج
الاتاحة: متاح
الضمان: 10 سنة
بلد المنشأ: الصين
وصف المنتج/تفاصيل اخري:
Founded in 1997, Trina Solar is the world’s leading comprehensive solutions provider for solar energy. We believe close cooperation with our partners is critical to success. Trina Solar now distributes its PV products to over 60 countries all over the world. Trina Solar is able to provide exceptional service to each customer in each market and supplement our innovative, reliable products with the backing of Trina Solar as a strong, bankable partner. We are committed to building strategic, mutually beneficial collaboration with installers, developers, distributors and other partners.
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2465جنيه مصري
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